With the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), personalized medicine will finally be a reality with AI helping to tackle the vast amount of patient data collected and analyzed from sequencing a patient genome. AI will be used to identify patterns within the high volume of genetic data sets, allowing for the prediction of a

Traditional Contracts and their Pain Points

“Business does not stand still, however traditional contracts do.” Professor Shadab explained that businesses need dynamic contracts that can be updated in real time. Businesses are in need of contracts that integrate with the business world and are constantly evolving. He explained that the goal of clause

The importance of social media for a  business entity is becoming a critical part of how a corporation markets and connects with its consumers. With much of America’s citizens joining and using social media sites regularly, the social media industry is becoming a larger part of our lives. In fact, over 2 million corporations are

It is important to have the ability to improve one’s community. But it is just as important to retain the ability to reside in that community after the improvement have been made.

Civic Beautification Efforts

Imagine using local resources to empower those who reside in disinvested communities through crowdsourcing. Imagine affording local residents

Cease and Desist Letter Automation



On Friday, April 20th LegalRnD will host the “Measuring Lawyer Quality and Setting an Empirical Research Agenda for Legal Technology and Innovation” Conference from 9 am to 12 pm at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing. Students from Dan Linna Jr.’s Litigation: Data, Theory, Practice, Process Course

Below is an abstract/summary of my paper with the Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and the Law at Pepperdine Law School.

Motivated by the recent explosion of interest in artificial intelligence(AI), I examined whether it makes sense to implement AI in smart contracts, to make them more effective. The current state of smart contracts leaves one

Yesterday  I attended the joint Process Improvement workshop for Lean Lawyering, which was hosted by several Florida public-interest lawyers and LegalRnD at the State Bar of Michigan. Here’s a link to the workshop’s website:

There were about 40 participants at the meeting, and I had the opportunity to meet and share ideas with practicing practitioners